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HomeWhat's a Warming Station?


The GLOWS coalition has put together a plan for providing emergency housing for individuals and families who are without housing. This plan provides for a heated space capable of housing in excess of 50 people and their pets. In addition, dinner and breakfast will be provided. Rules for behavior in the warming station have also been developed. Everyone entering the warming station must agree to obey these rules.

The warming station is centrally located near downtown Garland and rally points have been coordinated throughout the city. Those who want to spend the night in the warming station gather at the rally points and are transported by GLOWS volunteers to the warming station location.

The warming station will be open when the forecasted temperature is 32 degrees with a 20% chance of precipitation or a standing temperature of 28 degrees. The station will be open by 5:00 PM and will close the following morning  by  8:00  AM  unless  dangerous conditions continue.

We provide cots, blankets, food, snacks and box/bagged meals.  We also provide crates and food for our friends' dogs and cats.